The Kings Mill

The Kings Mill Outdoor Dining Area

The Kings Mill outdoor dining area occupies a tranquil position sitting between the Millstream and the river Trent, only accessible over a centuries old bridge across the Millstream. Fabulous views up and down stream of the river Trent as you enjoy our fabulous oven fired pizza and flame grilled fish menu. Fire pits compliment a warm and cosy atmosphere and also offer some fun as you can toast your marshmallows or pop your popcorn from our dessert menu over the fire pits.

Head Chef Karl Weeler welcomes diners old and new to come and experience the fabulous Kings Mill menu and river views.

You are very welcome to drop in without booking, however at peak times its always best to contact us to book a table so you won't be disappointed.

Call: 01332 810649 or Email:


Monday - Friday 6.00pm - 9.00pm

Saturday, Sunday 1.00pm - 9.00pm


We look forward to seeing you all soon,

Karl Wheeler

Head Chef




    • GARLIC BREAD, Garlic pizza bread with caramelised red onion and finished with rocket (v) £5.95
    • BREAD BOARD, Selection of home-made artisan bread with olive oil, balsamic and olives (v) £5.95
    • HERITAGE TOMATO SALAD, Salad of heritage tomatoes, baby mozzarella, rocket, basil pesto and balsamic dressing (v) £5.95
    • PIZZAS
    • MARGARITA, Tomato and mozzarella (v) £9.95
    • RAGU, Rich Bolognese sauce, red onion, green peppers, tomato sauce, mozzarella and rosemary £11.95
    • HAM AND MUSHROOM, Parma ham, chestnut mushrooms with tomato sauce and mozzarella £10.95
    • MEAT FEAST, Grilled chicken, bolognese, Parma ham, pepperoni, red onion, tomato and mozzarella £13.95
    • HOT AND SPICY, Cajun chicken, merquez spicy sausage, spicy beef, green peppers, red onion and jalapenos and chilli £13.95
    • HAWAIIAN, Prosciutto ham and grilled pineapple, tomato sauce and mozzarella £11.95
    • VEGETARIAN, Tomato, red onion, closed cup mushroom, Green peppers spinach and sweet corn (v) £11.95
    • FISH
    • GRILLED SALMON STEAK, Served with wood fired roasted jersey royals, house salad and Caesar dressing £13.95
    • KING PRAWNS, Gem lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, seafood sauce and lemon £12.95
    • WHOLE SEA BASS, Served with wood fire roasted jersey royals, cherry tomatoes, house salad and balsamic dressing £14.95
    • PANCAKES, Filled with a fruit compote and served with pouring cream £5.95
    • POPCORN, Pop your own popcorn on our fire pits and served with a salted caramel and chocolate sauce £5.95
    • MARSHMALLOWS, Toast your own marshmallows on our fire pits served with a salted caramel and chocolate sauce £5.95

All ingredients may not be listed for menu items. If more information about allergens is required, please ask a member of the team